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Wheatstone Software gives you the power you need to make our hardware do exactly what you need it to.



VoxPro is what you need to record a call or bit, edit it, and get it on the air NOW. Thousands of studios, control rooms, newsrooms and editing suites in broadcast facilities worldwide use VoxPro.

WheatNet-IP Logic Viewer Software provides visualization of logic event flow through the WheatNet-IP Network.

This Software Plugin provides the optional audio clip player in BLADE-3s with clip list management and one hour of storage.

The WheatNet-IP PC Driver is software that streams audio bi-directionally via an Ethernet port, enabling any computer used for any purpose such as program automation, storage or logging to become part of the WheatNet-IP network.

Our ScreenBuilder app has virtual faders, meters, labels, buttons, clocks, timers, and other widgets that you can arrange on a PC screen to create your own custom control panels and touchscreens for control and monitoring.

Our IP Meters software displays a “wall of meters” on a PC screen for ongoing monitoring of audio peak levels, average levels, and various other parameters at selected points throughout the entire network.

WheatNet-IP NAVIGATOR is the control and administration software package for WheatNet-IP. It provides convenient, intuitive means of configuring, controlling, and monitoring your network.

SCHEDULER tells your WheatNet-IP system when to switch between live and automated programming, turn on/off microphones and perform other events at predetermined times.

Glass-E is a remote access tool. Install the Glass-E virtual mixer on your laptop and control any LX-24, E-6, or E-1 control surface from your home, a restaurant or anywhere there’s an internet connection.

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