Radio Peeps Interview with Big Tom Lawler About VoxPro Academy

Episode 35 is a full 30 minutes devoted to the first VoxPro Academy. Radio Peeps host David Jackson, talking with Big Tom Lawler, covers everything you'd like to know. AND, the entire episode was captured on VoxPro6!

First VoxPro Academy

Thursday, July 14th, 2016, we held the first VoxPro Academy at the Wheatstone factory in New Bern. EQ

We had some interesting personalities and lots of hands-on experience. Attendees came away with new knowledge, and we came away with greater insight into the many different ways people put VoxPro to work.

The next VoxPro workshop will be held at the Texas Association of Broadcasters in Austin, TX, Aug 9, 2016.

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Register for Future VoxPro Academy

Wheatstone is proud to announce VoxPro Academy - a series of hands on workshops designed to present techniques, demonstrate the new features in VoxPro6, and give folks a look at what others in the industry are doing with VoxPro.

The next VoxPro Academy will be held at the Texas Association of Broadcasters in Austin, TX, Aug 9, 2016.

Others will be held around different trade shows across the country and around the world.

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Video: Jay Tyler Explains VoxPro Academy

Wheatstone Interviews the Broadcast Industry: Cris Alexander of Crawford Broadcast

At this year's NAB show, we invited many people from all corners of the industry to join us in conversations about all things broadcast. Obviously, we focused on audio for broadcast because, well, it's what we know.

We didn't really know what to expect, but the results definitely exceeded even our greatest expectations. We touched on many, many subjects and heard some fascinating things about what people are doing with audio in the broadcast world. Each of these videos is a wealth of information spanning every aspect of audio for broadcast.

In this video, Scott Fybush spends a few minutes with Cris Alexander of Crawford Broadcasting in our booth at NAB 2016. Cris tells us about Crawford's progress with AM translators as well as their famous engineering newsletter, The Local Oscillator.

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IP Terminology Explained


We recently saw an article on IP terminology by Gary Olson. Having all those terms in one place, and in alphabetical order, definitely comes in handy. But just as helpful to us are the comments at the end of the article by those who, for various reasons, added onto or had their own definition of the terms and acronyms used to describe IP in the broadcast environment.

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Brad Harrison Interview from BroadcastAsia

Check out a great interview with Wheatstone's Brad Harrison at BroadcastAsia 2016, courtesy of our friends at InBroadcast. Also gives a nice overview of the new LXE Console.



Audio mixing consoles are now part of a much larger universe, the fabric of which is networking. How a console is networked is more critical than ever before, as are the applications that drive its usefulness.



By Dee McVicker

If you’ve ever driven the 372 miles from Los Angeles to Phoenix, you know that there’s nothing between Blythe and Quartzsite except a few jackrabbits and your radio. Sometimes, there are no jackrabbits.



Applying touchscreen GUI technology to today’s audio console has some interesting rewards in workflow, as we demonstrated with our IP-64 and the Dimension Three TV audio consoles in previous years, and now with our new LXE IP audio console this NAB show. READ MORE


It’s drive time all the time for 107.7 Sanef located near Senils, France. That is, the station broadcasts to traveling motorists through a network of 200 watt transmitters synchronized on the same frequency and located along 1,800 kilometers of motorway. READ MORE

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Only in broadcasting do we use the words FM translator and AM in the same sentence. As an industry, we’ve long wrapped our minds around the idea that FM translators could be the next step forward in the AM Revitalization initiative. You could even say that some of us are evangelical about it. The name Scott Fybush comes to mind.


Today, broadcast operations have extended beyond and expanded within their walls, thanks largely to IP and networking. But meanwhile, back at the factory, we’re keeping it all under one roof. Why? READ MORE


By Scott Johnson

When you think of Wheatstone processing, you naturally think of broadcasting. But if an audio engineer tucked an Aura8-IP under his arm and left the station, would he find other uses for it? The answer, I found out recently, is a resounding yes! READ MORE


To make sure our system can outperform every other AOIP network on the face of the earth, and do it easily and robustly, we routinely get our engineers together to put them through stuff no real installation would ever attempt. How does WheatNet-IP perform? READ THE STORY

NEW Wheatstone Products for 2016!




The Evolution of Radio Audio

Wheatstone, at this year's NAB show, introduces three new radio products that will evolutionize the industry (yep, we just made that word up!). These will be along later this year, so stay tuned!

First is our LXE Console. Taking LX-24 technology to new territory, LXE is the first radio console that gives you the power to program the entire surface! All knobs and buttons can be assigned whatever functions you need. Of course, we'll pre-configure it any way you want, but you can always change it yourself using our new ConsoleBuilder software. Each module has full color OLEDs that will reflect the function of your setup. Plus, there's an all-new touchscreen GUI that comes with ScreenBuilder-LXE. Click to learn more.

Next is VoxPro 6! We've given the controller a fresh coat of black paint, and given the software a makeover to add some much-requested functionality. Record while you are playing back. Detach your hot-keys window and hide the editor. Label buttons with Unicode for foreign language support. Smarter markers and lots more. Click to learn more.

Finally, our new AirAura X1 brings most of the power of the AirAura X3 to a mid-level price point. It's loaded with presets, or, you can tweak it to find YOUR signature sound. Great new front panel GUI. Click to learn more.


left aligned image Network EDGE is designed specifically as a translator between high-quality, low-latency studio networks such as WheatNet-IP and low-bandwidth STL connectivity options such as IP wireless radios.

IP wireless radios in the unlicensed 5 or 24 GHz range are priced from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Typically located at the studio, the Network EDGE interfaces directly to an IP wireless radio or commercial leased line for point-to-point connectivity between locations. Network EDGE can be used with any of the major IP radio brands currently on the market. When used within the WheatNet-IP system, with a Network EDGE at one end and a BLADE at the other, this opens up a world of possibilities based on BLADE I/O functionality such as silence detection, clip player, logic for automation, et al.

The Network EDGE includes local I/O (two AES and two stereo analog) and 12 programmable logic ports.

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