PR&E Headphone Distribution Amp

PR&E Headphone Distribution Amp

A 3-input, 6-output high performance headphone amplifier.

The PR&E headphone distribution system delivers a clever combination of a high-performance headphone amplifier, flexible input switching and an assortment of control panels. Put the finishing touches on your next studio, and make sure your talent can be heard with the Harris headphone distribution system.

3 input X 6 output Headphone Distribution Amplifier (for use with PRE99-1214-X Series HP Jack Panels)


  • Six discrete amplified outputs suitable for low- or high-impedance headphones
  • Three assignable input sources (host, co-host, guest)
  • All connections are plug-in type
  • Standard CAT-5 cables connect to the headphone jack panels
  • Headphone level control done via jack panel pot or countertop fader panel
  • Brushed aluminum finish matches any studio decor
  • Amplifier comes with power supply, customer documentation and installation kit

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