NAB NY Show 2016

NAB NY Show 2016 (formerly CCW show)


We will be in NYC for this year's NAB NY Show, November 9-10, 2016, in booth 960. We will have all the latest gear from Wheatstone as well as plenty of knowledgeable people to answer any of your questions.

For this year's NAB NY show, we'll have our top of the line TV console, the IP-64, along with a Dimension Three Touch and a Series Two/Series Four console. 

All these consoles operate via our Gibraltar IP Mix Engine on an intelligent IP audio network that combines audio with full control and discovery using a single CAT6 cable. AES67, as well as our own ACI, allows integration with capable third party equipment.

We will be demonstrating some exciting technology that we will share with you as the date gets closer.

It is going to be an exciting show!


At Home

NAB Show attendees in New York were able to knock a few balls around a foosball table at Wheatstone booth 960, where we demonstrated how to mix remote sporting events from a home studio.

Wheatstone showcased real-time remote control and transport of IP audio with a foosball table 'remote' on one side of its booth and a ‘home studio’ on the other, with fiber optic connectivity between the two. “It was either football or foosball — I wanted football, but booth space would have been a real problem! So foosball it is to show how easily we can mix an event remotely using our WheatNet-IP audio network and consoles,” says Wheatstone Director of Sales Jay Tyler.

Our WheatNet-IP is an AES67 compatible IP audio network made up of I/O and specialty BLADEs combining audio mixing, routing, and controlling into one studio environment – whether in one location or in multiple locations.

Among the benefits of WheatNet-IP for remote applications is its ability to serve as an IFB backbone that is routable by simply triggering cross points in the network – with zero latency between talent and crew in the field. “WheatNet-IP audio network BLADEs have utility mixers built in for creating IFB mix-minuses locally at the venue, which means that annoying delay is all but nonexistent,” explains Tyler. "With AES67 time stamping provided in our BLADEs, broadcasters have the option of using it to sync audio and video using compliant equipment."

Even with low bandwidth links, broadcasters can send audio separate from video using codecs while still allowing full control, gain, level, processing, etc.

To demonstrate all this and more at the New York show, Wheatstone collaborated with Artel Video Systems, provider of innovative IP- and fiber-based media transport solutions, to create a WAN between two Cisco switches. The WAN uses Artel’s InfinityLink IL6000 broadcast media transport chassis equipped with an ILC205 9 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch with VLAN and the ILC103A 3G/HD/SD-SDI, ASI Transmitter/Receiver. “Artel continues to demonstrate the applicability of its product line,” says Rafael Fonseca, Vice President and Director of Product Management at Artel Video Systems. “In this case, the versatility and application ‘reach’ of the InfinityLink platform in support of solutions addressing workflow costs and efficiencies are demonstrated.”


Representing the home studio are Wheatstone IP audio consoles, including large-frame IP-64, Dimension Three Touch, LXE and Series Four control surfaces.

At the ‘remote’ foosball table is a camera, and several microphones interfaced into M4-IP four channel mic processor BLADEs, which provide sound sweetening, mix-minus for IFB and connectivity into the WheatNet-IP audio network.

NAB attendees were able to sit down at the home studio side and punch up mic feeds or change EQ, activate/deactivate microphones, and control other functions at the remote end.

The at-home production workflow is gaining in popularity as a way to reduce production costs and equipment, often reducing what would be a truckful of equipment to only the microphones and cameras needed onsite along with an operations crew.

To learn more, CLICK HERE.

Images from NAB NY:


Pictured above: Wheatstone's Phil Owens and Kelly Parker with Artel's Rafael Fonseca, Tony Morelli, and Frank Mangiacotti.


Pictured above: Ellen Moon and Wyatt Salsbury are pro foosball players who provided the 'remote venue' action. Kelly Parker talking with clients in the background


Pictured above: Ellen Moon and Wyatt Salsbury are pro foosball players who provided the 'remote venue' action.

Find Us at NAB NY 2016

We'll be in Booth 960.

Here's a handy map, though, being right at the entrance, we'll be tough to miss - we are across from the Middle Bar!


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