On-Air Processing Literature

  • A white paper by Josh Gordon discussing the changing role of audio processing in the radio industry.

    • How can radio stations enhance their relationships with listeners? One way is through better use of audio processing technology. Because audio processing is such a subjective topic, we asked a wide variety of individuals to contribute their views. You'll hear from 26 processing experts in this new white paper.

      • In this White Paper, published in the Septemnber Radio World Engineering Extra, Jeff Keith explains baseband192 technology.

        • This white paper by Wheatstone's Jeff Keith lays out the case for processing streams, and characterizes our Aura8-IP as a specific tool for this purpose.
          • Wheatstone's Jeff Keith presents some good advice for processing audio you plan to transfer over the Internet, as with streams or podcasts.
          • BLADES & Wheatnet-IP Literature

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