Who is Wheatstone?

Broadcast Tough 
Audio mixing consoles/surfaces. IP routing and control. Audio processors. Digital editing tools.

Wheatstone's products and studio systems are designed and built specifically for the demands of broadcasting. They cover a range from smaller single-station studios to large multi-studio, multi-station complexes with a million cross-points and dozens of mixers, talent stations, and elements connected across a region.

Video Spotlight: 365 days of studios from around the world

Customer appreciation tour 2018/19, put together by our Jay (Ken Burns) Tyler when he was perusing his photo collection and discovered just how prolific Wheatstone is in the broadcast world. See yourself in this video? If not, there's still time to get Wheatstone installed and be in next year's!

Audio Processing Tips from the Lab


It’s All About That Bass

It’s amazing how a couple of innocent-looking bass knobs can cause so much trouble. Boosting subsonic bass might make the PD's car subwoofer kick but it’ll cost you loudness on radios that lack the ability to reproduce that bass. The reason is that our ears are much less sensitive to low bass than they are to mid frequencies, so that deep bass you're tempted to dial in is going to eat up lots of modulation to make it really kick on most radios. Our advice: keep bass in check. 

We’ve racked up quite a few hours in the lab testing the effects of bass, which is why Wheatstone processors are designed to reduce the negative effects of extra bass on some radios by maximizing the relationship between bass and midrange.


This tip is brought to you from the Wheatstone Lab by Jeff Keith, CPBE, NCE, Senior Product Development Engineer and Mike Erickson, audio processing field engineer. The Wheatstone Lab has a wide range of music and program content sources that can be routed through more than 37 audio processors, ranging from early vintage 1970s models to the very latest FM audio processor (our X5), plus a half-dozen microphones, three transmitters, and audio display monitors of all types.

Where Scripters Meet

Are you a ScreenBuilder or ConsoleBuilder power user? Register and log onto our Scripters Forum. This is a new meeting place for anyone interested in developing new screens and workflows for our WheatNet-IP audio network. Share scripts, screen shots and ideas with others also developing virtual news desks, control panels, and signal monitors.

You’ll find documents, starter scripts and a whole knowledge base available to you for making customized screens like those pictured.

Click to register for our Scripters Forum (it's free)


Fresh Wheat

At NAB 2019, Wheatstone introduced ten new products. Click below to learn about each.


Video Check-Ins from NAB 2019

Here are three videos where clients stepped into our booth at NAB to share with us what they've been up to. 

RADIO DNA's Rob Goldberg

Radio DNA's Rob Goldberg talks with Scott Fybush about the WTOP project (see below) and other work he's been doing recently at NAB 2019.

Pacific Mobile Recorders Studio Builders' Jim Hibbard

Jim Hibbard brings you up to date on some fascinating and original use of WheatNet-IP on The Dan Patrick show.

WHIZ's Kevin Buente

Chief engineer Kevin Buente talks with Scott Fybush about how they are using virtual and cloud technology with their radio and TV stations.

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Wheatstone is all about radio. Cool consoles and mixers. Intelligent audio IP studio networking and routing. PR&E Consoles. VoxPro recording and editing. AM and FM on-air processors that rock both loud AND clean.


When you think of TV audio, you think of Wheatstone. Our consoles are the control centers for the finest facilities in the world. WheatNet-IP audio networking is becoming THE standard for interconnect.


Only Wheatstone offers processors with the surgical precision of 31-band processing! Sound shaping for FM, AM, HD, television, webcasting, podcasting, mastering or live audio.


For live, on-air recording and real-time editing, there's no better solution than VoxPro.


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