VoxPro6 System In Depth

What's New In VoxPro 7?

At the NAB Show 2017, VoxPro introduced a brand new set of functions that make live editing faster and easier than ever before!

  • Industry’s most popular editor/recorder gets a new signal processing toolset for letting talent quickly clean up phone calls for on-air presentation.
  • New ClipCleaner toolset includes spectral display, parametric EQ, de-esser, compressor, expander, limiter and noise gate for processing channels independently or jointly. Comes with a standard library of presets for easy setup.
  • FX Macros for creating one-button macros for frequently used effects and other editing operations. FX Macros can be used to create a preset for any effect that can then be assigned to an on-screen button for quick recall.
  • For navigating through files, a QuikSearch box has been added and conveniently located on-screen along with the ability to color-code files and hotkeys.
  • In addition to a new FX Editor, Wheatstone designers also overhauled the VoxPro Effects menu, making special effects like chorus, reverb and distortion much more accessible and making recent effects settings “sticky” for automatic recall.
  • Support for importing 24-bit files, a new feature in GapBuster to automatically detect the noise floor, and the use of a hardware-based graphics library for smoother and more efficient performance.
  • Natively supports WheatNet-IP audio networking for easy access to any source anywhere in the network. All popular file formats, including MP3, MP2, WAV, AIFF and WMA files can be imported and exported individually or in groups.

VP7 Award

VoxPro Capabilities Speed Live Talk Show Production

The standard tool for speeding live production in top 40 radio now speeds talk show production.

First off, no other hardware or software solution lets you non-destructively edit a live production AS you record without stopping or altering the original recording. In addition, VoxPro’s intuitive jogwheel hardware interface makes finding and editing call-ins a snap. Additionally, Hot Keys give you instant access to highlights for production, teasers, etc.

VoxPro is perfectly suited for rapid editing of studio and call-in content and can tighten an entire program by automatically removing unwanted dead space. Markers let you indicate, in real-time, material that needs review before prepping for distribution (streaming, podcasts, syndication, etc). Plus you can clean up audio with EQ and dynamics processing, as well as add effects if you desire, either as you go or when you are prepping delivery for different media.

Scroll down to see the tools VoxPro gives you and consider all the ways you can streamline your talkshow production.

New VoxPro How-To Videos


Rick Bidlack, the man who is all things VoxPro, and our own Scott Johnson got together this week to produce a library of quick-start how-to videos for VoxPro. For the beginner looking to hop right in, these are perfect. For the seasoned pro, a quick run through may show you some of the new features that you weren't necessarily aware of.

Hope you find them useful. Click on the image to the right to see them.


VoxPro: Aug 2016 Radio World:

Alan R Peterson has written a lovely piece on VoxPro6, and has given us permission to share it.

Some years ago, something epic began happening with radio contest callers: They stopped asking if they were the “ninth caller;” they already had their radios turned down, and they were as tight in their responses as the jock was in his/her performance.

Did their level of intellect or their performing chops suddenly improve overnight? Nope. Give credit where credit is due: Stations bought a VoxPro — the recorder/ editor for live on-air operation, designed in 1991 by Seattle personality Charlie Brown and distributed by Audion Labs.





Wheatstone’s latest acquisition is getting more than a facelift this NAB. The leading audio network and console company, which acquired the VoxPro digital recorder/editor from Audion Labs in October, unveils its new VoxPro6 audio recorder/editor/playback system designed for live, on-air operation.

Among the upgrades added to the industry’s most popular editor/recorder is a feature that enables talent to simultaneously record audio while editing or playing back other audio. Also new: a GapBuster function to automatically remove silence from interviews and phone calls, support for Hotkey and Marker labels in any of the world’s languages, color-coded Markers, and a detachable Hotkey panel. There’s also an option to hide the Editor and File List to reduce on-screen clutter, and greater integration with Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP audio network, including control for routing, salvos and playback tallies with end warning flash.

“We’ve combined all the intuitive capability that VoxPro is known for with several new features, then we Wheaty-ized it to turn it into an even more powerful tool in the broadcast studio,” says Rick Bidlack, lead engineer for VoxPro.

And no, you aren't imagining it. The VoxPro Controller is now re-styled with a smooth black finish to match the black finish of other Wheatstone control surfaces and rack products.

VoxPro is a broadcast-specific digital recorder/editor. Its controller interface and software applications are designed to record, edit and play back clips in real time on-the-air. VoxPro is a staple in many studios to record and edit call-ins, interviews, ad hoc comments and spots.

New features in VoxPro6

  • GapBuster effect (automatic silence removal).
  • Simultaneous playback and record (record in background while playing and editing in foreground).
  • Ability to copy/move/delete/rename files from the Search panel.
  • Support for Unicode labels in Hotkeys and Markers.
  • Color-coded Markers, new graphical method to precisely position location of markers.
  • WheatNet-IP (WNIP) routing controls.
  • WNIP playback tally with end warning flash.
  • User option for exclusive Hotkey playback mode.
  • User option to disable remote control inputs and outputs.
  • Detachable Hotkeys window, ability to hide Editor and File List panels.
VoxPro6 Images








VoxPro: Record > Edit > Air... In Seconds



VoxPro is unique. Out of all the recorder/editors in the world, ONLY VoxPro integrates a dedicated ergonomic controller with purpose-created software designed expressly for use on-the-air to record, edit, and play clips in real time.

Whether you use it for call-ins, interviews, ad hoc comments or spots, or whatever you can think of, all you need is a few minutes with it to realize why it has become the universal standard.



Explore this page and learn about all the ways VoxPro can make your life easier, your shows more professional, and your workchain more efficient.

Meet VoxPro

In this video, we'll introduce you to VoxPro, the de facto standard audio recorder/editor for live radio broadcast use. It’s hard to walk into any radio studio in the world today and not see VoxPro next to the console.

Rick Bidlack (the programmer behind VoxPro) and Wheatstone's Jay Tyler give you a quick overview of the product, and why it fits into radio studios so perfectly.

DJ Kim Ashley Using VoxPro Live On The Air
In this video, DJ Kim Ashley from Fresh 102.7 in NY gives an impromptu demonstration of how VoxPro works in a live, on-the-air setting.

Video shot by Elissa Nieves
VoxPro: MultiTrack Panel


VoxPro's MultiTrack feature gives users the ability to add multiple tracks underneath their Master recordings with a simple drag and drop feature. When in the Classic VoxPro view, click this icon to open the MultiTrack panel.

In MultiTrack the Master Edit is always on top and the additional tracks are below. In this example there are three additional tracks added below the Master Edit with music and sound effects added.

The icons on the right allow a user to mute a track if they want to hear the mix without that effect.

Users can add as many tracks as they want. Click Edit in the menu bar and select Add Support Track. Once an effect is added to a track users can click directly on the track to hear it. Each track can be opened in a side editor with a simple right click for additional editing while loaded in MultiTrack.

Other MultiTrack features include the ability to manage the volume of track by applying a -3dB, -6dB or -12dB Pad. Users have a choice of fade-out options for their tracks as well.

Once your mix is complete it can be loaded to a Hotkey for playback and broadcast.

VoxPro: AGC


One of VoxPro's most popular features is our built-in AGC. Not only can you expand the callers channel; but, we've gone one step further and you can compress or expand either the caller's channel or the talents, or both if you want. VoxPro’s AGC, simply put, boosts the timid and limits the loud. Consistent levels on both tracks is the result. VoxPro's AGC easy set-up is under the Settings menu.

VoxPro: Markers


This is undoubtedly the coolest marking system anywhere. VoxPro markers are the answer for every user that's ever done an interview longer than a minute or recorded an entire ball game and wondered where something was in the recording. On the fly while recording, a simple tap of the letter "M" on the keyboard brings up a window that is time stamped. You can let the time stamp be your mark or type in a quick description of what is at the mark. Once the file is finished recording you open the Marker List for that file and see a complete list of your marks by timestamp and description. Click on one and it takes you to that point in the recording.

VoxPro: Auto Network

Networking VoxPro workstations is totally automatic and pain free. How simple is it? Put two or more computers running VoxPro on your station's Lan and they automatically find each other, swap information and connect, allowing users to access their password protected accounts from those workstations.

You may configure VoxPro to operate in standalone mode, as though there were no other VoxPro workstations on your LAN. You may also be selective in determining which remote VoxPro workstations will be allowed to share accounts with the computer you are working on. By this mechanism, clusters of VoxPro workstations belonging to one station can be logically separated from those belonging to a different station while keeping everyone on the same LAN.

Auto-Network Details: How VoxPro operates in a multi-user multi-workstation environment

Administrators will love Auto-Network because it allows you to network all of your VoxPro machines without any setup or configuration. In fact, the only configuration required is if you do NOT want the VoxPro workstation to have network access, or if you want to restrict access to only a few other VoxPro workstations. The VoxPro network allows any user to login to his/her personal account from any VoxPro workstation on the LAN, and access (play/edit/record) files from that workstation.

User accounts may be created anywhere on your LAN. Most administrators create user accounts on the on-air machine, simply as an added safety measure (your files are still there if the LAN or server goes down, and there is no possibility of network latency when you hit the "Play" button). However, nothing prevents you from putting user accounts (i.e. audio files) on a remote server, and we have numerous customers who have put all of their user accounts on a central server in order to facilitate backups. A typical 100Mbit ethernet card could theoretically accomodate 70 separate CD-quality audio streams, although physical collisions on the LAN caused by multiple computers vying for network access simultaneously will reduce that to around 30.

For collaborative situations we have several functions and approaches that may be used, depending on your requirements and the desires of the users. Users may share a single account simply by logging in to the same account from different machines. VoxPro doesn't allow you to open, edit, move or rename a file that is already opened by a user on another machine, so there is no danger of file corruption due to multiple user access. Another callobarative tool is simply the "file copy" function -- any file (or multiple files) can be copied to any other user account just by selecting that user from the "Copy to..." menu. In this case, UserB's folders become accessible from UserA's "Folders" menu. And, of course, files can be imported and exported via normal Windows mechanisms.


VoxPro was designed by Seattle radio personality Charlie Brown in 1991. Brown, then the morning jock at Seattle's KUBE 93 FM, had seen a rudimentary audio editor on a Mac computer. He was intrigued enough to pursue a development partner, Buzz Hill, an old radio friend who knew how to write code - and with Charlie writing the specs and Buzz writing the program ProVox was born. However, a quick search of trade names showed that ProVox was being used so the name was flipped to VoxPro. Brown was instrumental in designing the VoxPro control panel keeping broadcast talent in mind as he laid it out.

In 1993 Audion Laboratories, Inc. was founded and in 1994 the first VoxPro system on a Mac computer was sold to KHJ in Los Angeles. VoxPro stayed on the Mac platform through the iMac. In 2001 Audion ported the software program over to the PC platform where it resides exclusively today.

VoxPro can be found in radio studios and broadcast news rooms around the world. VoxPro has been honored for its excellence as a recipient of Radio World's "Cool Stuff " and Radio's "Pick Hit" Award which it won for a second time at the 2013 NAB. VoxPro is known for its stability, durability, speed, reliability and ease of use. VoxPro is the de facto choice for voice editing software in radio broadcasting.

In October 2015, Audion Labs and VoxPro were acquired by Wheatstone Corporation and is available from them today. Under Wheatstone, VoxPro will continue to be developed to provide even greater functionality. Stay tuned!

Download VoxPro Whitepaper: The Business Case for VoxPro


Click above image to download the paper.
In this white paper, Josh Gordon outlines how VoxPro is used to maximize engagement with audiences and why it's an important tool for virtually any live radio program.
It's a great read.

Visit VoxPro Academy

Wheatstone is proud to announce VoxPro Academy - a series of tutorial videos that will help you get the most out of your VoxPro system

Click here!

VoxPro: Zoom

VoxPro has an improved Zoom feature with four Zoom levels- x1, x4, x10 and max.

Press the Zoom button on the VoxPro control panel or the Q key on your computer keyboard to toggle through the choices and to accurately get at those tougher to see edit points. You can even playback in the zoom mode or use the jog wheel to audibly scroll thru a file while in zoom mode. To disengage the zoom function press the Zoom key again or Q key on the keyboard.

VoxPro: On-Screen Hotkeys


VoxPro features on-screen Hotkeys. Click on the Hotkey icon to open up this useful feature.

Once opened users will see tabs of Hotkeys. An unlimited amount of tabs can be created and named with each tab holding up to 12 rows of five Hotkeys. Users can load Hotkey tabs with sound effects, music beds, bumpers, and bits. If a user has the VoxPro Control Panel Surface attached all Hotkeys created on-screen will automatically appear on the Control Surface LCD screen.

Right click on an empty Hotkey and the following choices pop up:

  • Import File - this searches a users computer and loads a file.
  • Load Title Track Only - this loads what is currently in the Master Edit window.
  • Load MultiTrack Mix - this renders and loads what a user has created in MultiTrack with additions of sound effects and music to a Master Edit.
  • Load Selection From Active File - this allows a user to select a portion of audio from the Master Edit and load it to a Hotkey.

Users can also hold down the ALT key and drag a file from the edit list. Titles on Hotkeys can be dragged to different keys to help arrange a playback order. A loaded Hotkey can also be adjusted for Volume, Fade Out, and may be edited with a right click. Users choose the number of rows per tab page under the Settings menu/Visual Layout.

Users can get back to Classic view VoxPro by once again clicking this icon.

VoxPro: Additional Features


The Auto-Import function allows users to automatically monitor a specified folder (anywhere on the LAN) and to import into VoxPro any media files that appear in that folder. So, for example, if you have another automated studio process that dumps hourly newscasts or traffic reports into that folder, they'll be "sucked in" to VoxPro within thirty seconds of their arrival.

Users enable the Auto-Import function themselves from the Settings/Auto-Import menu. Each user can monitor a different folder, so that content can be targeted to individual VoxPro users. Auto-Import for a given user is only in effect while that user is logged in.


EZ-Export is set up through each individual user account and allows users to export files to a predetermined location with just one click of the mouse as opposed to having to go through the export file routine every time. The user enables EZ-Export with the Settings/EZ-Export Setup menu where he specifys the destination folder and format of files to be exported in this manner. Once EZ-Export is configured and enabled , it will be available in each users' main File menu as well as a right-click popup menu in the Edit list. In VP5 EZ-Export automatically includes MultiTrack mix.

Master Mode

Master mode allows you to temporarily return a file to its pristine, un-edited state. It is equivalent to "undoing" a file all the way back to its original condition, except that no editing or effects operations other than Copy are allowed in Master mode. Audio selected from a file in Master mode may be pasted to the same file after toggling out of Master mode, or it may be pasted to another file altogether. To toggle in and out of Master mode, use any of these methods:

  • choose Master from the main Edit menu
  • press the Edit/Master button on the control panel (not available on all models)
  • press the Tab key on the keyboard
  • click the Master button at the top left corner of the Edits list on the voxpro screen.

VoxPro Effects

VoxPro features on-screen Hotkeys. Click on the Hotkey icon to open up this useful feature.

    • Normalize in VoxPro5 has more flexible options. Left, Right, both jointly or independently. Plus, the ability to set peak level.
    • Reverse reverses the selected region, so that it plays backwards
    • VoiceSlip shifts one channel of the selected region past the other, so as to eliminate host-caller "talk-over" (not applicable to monophonic files)



  • Pitch and Time are combined as one effect in VP5 which allows for simultaneous pitch shift with time stretch.
  • Advanced Effects are supported on all platforms.

VoxPro features on-screen Hotkeys. Click on the Hotkey icon to open up this useful feature.

Additional effects:


  • Distortion
  • Chorus
  • Echo
  • Flanging
  • Gargle
  • Reverb

Reverse effect

Reverses the selected region, so that it plays backwards. Ideal for editing voice or music and reversing cuss words.

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