PR&E World Feed Panel


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PR&E World Feed Panel

The PR&E World Feed Panel (HRS-WFPII-USB) is a 3RU audio interface panel suitable for rack or cabinet side-wall mounting. It allows quick temporary connection of portable audio devices into the “House System” (a PR&E audio console, VistaMax audio management system, or other permanentlymounted studio gear).

All common connector types (RCA, 3.5 mm TRS, XLR, and XLR combo) at the appropriate consumer or pro signal level allow any audio gear to be plugged in for immediate playback and or recording. A “stereo” USB connector (USB 1X1 I/O) allows a laptop or other USB audio device to alternately be connected for the same purpose.

The World Feed Panel includes A-D and D-A converters, an active USB interface, and both analog and digital I/O for the “House System.” Board jumpers set up how the analog and/or digital signals connect to/from the “House System.” Three Decora® compatible wall plate cutouts (with blanks) are included for installing compatible accessory panels (available from vendors like RDL, StudioHub, Leviton, and Hubbell).

The WFPII-USB panel has XLRF combo jacks (for XLR or TRS plugs), mini-stereo TRS (for 1/8” or 3.5mm plugs), RCA jacks (for unbalanced consumer devices as well as S/PDIF digital connections), and a USB connector to allow convenient connections by any portable audio device (such as handheld audio recorder, laptop computer, DJ Coffin, band mixer, or musical keyboard).



  • Live Music: Connect a DJ coffin, keyboard, or band stage mixer
  • Actuality Playback: Connect a handheld news recorder, iPod®, or other audio player
  • TV/Film Recording: Feed a camera crew with mic-level program audio
  • Control: Add up to three accessory panels (such as a dimmer, door unlock button, or a caller flasher)
  • Emergencies: Feed audio in or out to another studio or audio device
  • Air Check: Connect a recorder for air-checking or quality control
  • Quality Control: Connect test equipment to test “House System”
  • Interface panel for temporary audio connections to/from portable audio equipment
  • All popular audio jack formats are supported (RCA, 3.5 mm mini-jack, 1/4” TRS, XLR)
  • Supports consumer analog levels on RCA and 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack and  S/PDIF formats on RCAs
  • Supports semi-pro or music gear on 1/4” TRS, balanced or unbalanced
  • Supports pro audio gear on balanced XLR connectors
  • Mic level output on male XLR for feeding video cameras and other mic inputs Provides professional-to-consumer and consumer-to-professional conversions
  • Provides customizable analog to digital and digital to analog conversion of all I/O
  • Standard Phoenix screw terminals provide a quick and easy connection to a console or other permanent studio equipment
  • Powered by an “inline” transformer (included, with 6 ft. cord)
  • Ground Lift switch on panel to solve ground loop noise/interference issues
  • Quick Guide customer installation and use document (included)
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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