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The first new PR&E console since the 1990s, designed and built by PR&E in New Bern, NC.

The new DMX AoIP console line carries forward the rugged quality and practical functionality of the PR&E brand, but includes IP audio routing as an easy studio add-on. It’s an ideal setup for the two- or three-studio facility where each studio can act independently as a separate standalone entity, but the studios are linked together through an IP network.

The DMX AoIP is all-inclusive without the need for an external Ethernet switch. It provides 1Gb connectivity for robust routing of sources and destinations between studios and integrates easily into most existing radio automaton systems using proven WheatNet-IP automation drivers. 

The new DMX control surface is a fully integrated standalone console for on-air and production applications. It is available in an 8-fader (DMX-8) or 16-fader (DMX-16) frame with four program busses and bus-minus on every fader as well as convenient control knob on each channel for adjusting pan, mode, and input sources. The console has talkback and cue functions, EQ/dynamics, and control room, studio and headphone monitors, plus LED metering, built-in timer, and four-event recall. 

This new console surface is available with a 1RU DMX mix engine and 1RU Razor I/O module, which include 1Gb Ethernet ports and RJ-45 interfaces for quick setup and easy audio routing between studios. 

  • Standalone production or on-air console with local inputs and outputs – no need for an Ethernet switch

  • Frame sizes for 8-, 16-fader channels

  • WheatNet-IP protocol with 1Gb connectivity - any source to any fader

  • Bus Minus (N-1) on each input channel

  • Four program busses

  • Built-in control room, studio, and headphone amplifier w/level control

  • Full dynamic and EQ functions on every channel

  • Unique knob with OLED on each channel for control of EQ, dynamics, sources, pan, mode, and more

  • Talkback and cue functions

  • Built-in timer

  • Six logic GP I/O ports for network control

  • DMX mix engine and Razor I/O module included

  • Razor can be 8 stereo or 16 mono in and/or out

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