PR&E VMQuadra™


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PR&E VMQuadra™

Automation & Computer Interface

An elegant interface between VMConnected Network digital studio networks and your automation computers, VMQuadra tackles the issues of having a large number of audio channels at each automation computer, the distribution of the computers throughout the facility and your need for bidirectional logic control.

With the majority of automation system workstations connected to central servers, the VMQuadra was designed to reside near the server and provide interconnect with up to four computers. Along with the elimination of costly sound and logic interface cards in your automation computers, integrating VMQuadra results in simpler, more economical facilities.

Its additional abilities to interface with nearly every computer helps make the VMQuadra an ideal foundation for new media workflows in the studio. Every desktop and portable computer, supporting USB audio, whether running Windows, Mac OS or Linux, can be connected to your VMConnected Network using the VMQuadra.

  • Comprehensive Automation systems integration to the VMConnected Networked audio system, elimination of costly sound cards and logic cards.
  • Each VMQuadra interfaces with up to four automation computers, providing up to four stereo input streams and four stereo outputstreams for each.
  • “Free-to-the-user” software drivers are available or under development for automation systems from all major automation systems, including: Broadcast Electronics, ENCO Systems, iMediaTouch, RCS/Prophet Systems, Wide Orbit and others.
  • Connections to automation computers are made using standard USB 2.0 cabling to the computers’ available USB ports.
  • Individual AES/EBU digital mix/sum outputs are provided for each automation computer for use during maintenance and configuration.
  • Plug-and-play, bidirectional audio interface to nearly any computer via USB.
  • Support for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.
  • No software or driver installation is required for basic play-out applications.
  • Interfacing VMQuadra to the network is enabled via connection to a VMConnected Network, VMConnected Network Envoy or VMConnect frame via Cat-5 using the VistaLink protocol.
  • A VistaLink “cascade” connection allows two VMQuadra devices (or one VMQuadra and one VMXpress) to connect to a VMConnected Network frame via a single cable run.
  • Optional interfaces provide access to any system audio signals (16 stereo in each direction) via AES/EBU digital connections and up to 32 channels of logic control in each direction.


PRE99-1337-0 Hardwire VMQuadra USB 4 USB ports

PRE99-1338-0 Optical

PRE99-1337-1 Hardwire VMQuadra 8A 4 USB ports plus 8 analog stereo inputs/outputs

PRE99-1338-1 Optical

PRE99-1337-2 Hardwire VMQuadra 16A 16 analog stereo inputs/outputs

PRE99-1338-2 Optical

PRE99-1337-3 Hardwire VMQuadra 16AD 4 USB ports plus 8 stereo analog inputs/outputs and 8 AES/EBU digital inputs/outputs

PRE99-1338-3 Optical

PRE99-1337-4 Hardwire VMQuadra 8AL 8 analog stereo inputs/outputs plus 32 channels bidirectional logic control

PRE99-1338-4 Optical

PRE99-1337-5 Hardwire VMQuadra 8DL 4 USB ports plus 8 AES/EBU digital inputs/outputs and 32 channels bidirectional logic control

PRE99-1338-5 Optical

PRE99-1337-6 Hardwire VMQuadra 16DL 4 USB ports plus 16 AES/EBU digital inputs/outputs and 32 channels bidirectional logic control

PRE99-1338-6 Optical

PRE99-1337-7 Hardwire VMQuadra 8D 4 USB ports plus 8 AES/EBU digital inputs/outputs

PRE99-1338-7 Optical

PRE99-1337-8 Hardwire VMQuadra 16D 4 USB ports plus 16 AES/EBU digital inputs/outputs

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