WHEAT:NEWS Volume 6, No. 3a

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In this Special NAB Wrap-Up edition of WHEAT:NEWS, we'll bring you up to date on events at the year's largest US broadcast-industry trade show. Wheatstone introduced numerous new products and demonstrated some important new technology!

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AES67. It happened at the Wheat booth.

NAVIGATOR MAIN_SYSTEM_SCREEN_PLUSWe demonstrated some heavy-duty interoperability at NAB 2015, starting with an AES67 compatible Digigram soundcard that streamed through our WheatNet-IP audio network to every single point and device in the system: all BLADEs, control surfaces and talent stations, plus four different major playout systems and Eventide’s profanity delay unit, on into Tieline’s Genie codec and distribution system.

Add in WheatNet-IP’s complete audio tool kit with integrated control at each access point, and it doesn’t come much more interoperable than this.

New FM and AM Processors

Wheatstone FM25-v3_2560We had the LPFM broadcaster and the AM broadcaster in mind when we designed our new FM-25 and AM-55 processors, two new additions to our Wheatstone processing line, both based on the phenomenal sound of our intelligent AGC (iAGC) coupled to a multi-band limiter.

By the way, we also introduced an improved iAGC design for our flagship processors that NAB show goers got to hear for the first time.

New Network EDGE for IP Wireless Radios

Edge-Flowchart 2560You know those inexpensive wifi IP radios everyone’s talking about for short studio-transmitter hops or for getting the signal back to the studio from the ballpark?

We have something for that, and it even won a Best of Show award from Radio World and Radio magazine.

We call it the Network EDGE, a cost-effective solution for interfacing between high-quality, low-latency studio networks such as WheatNet-IP and low-bandwidth STL connectivity options such as IP wireless radios.

This single rackspace unit can come in handy for any Part 15 wifi link, or any half-duplex system. In fact, our own Jay Tyler has found the Network EDGE to be quite useful for running audio from his covered boatlift to the gazebo at his house.

Something New in Audioarts, too

Audioart-08 ThreeQuarter_2560“We thought we couldn’t get any smaller than the Air-1, but we were wrong,” said Wheatstone Director of Sales Jay Tyler. Our new Audioarts 08 is the smallest member of the Audioarts console line yet, and is sized for LPFMs, podcasts, web streaming or remote applications requiring a simple eight-channel board.

We also expanded our Audioarts line this NAB with the introduction of the Air-5, a 16-fader console with Bluetooth compatibility and USB connectivity for recording and playing audio from smartphones and PCs.

Eventide with WheatNet-IP Inside

EVENTIDE HANDSHAKE_2560msIn recognition of Wheatstone's partnership with Eventide, Richard Factor (left), Chairman of Eventide, and Gary Snow (right), President of Wheatstone Corporation, did a bit of handshaking of their own this NAB.

What are these two up to? WheatNet-IP integration into Eventide products, that's what. Eliminating one more network box in the studio chain, Eventide’s DB600W delay unit is now available with an optional WheatNet-IP network card for easy and seamless integration of profanity delay into the WheatNet-IP audio network.

HD/Analog Time Alignment Made Easy

BelarStory 2000We’ve made it easy to take advantage of Belar’s new Automatic Delay Correction (ADC) that addresses delay between HD digital and analog signals. Our Automation Control Interface (ACI), a standard feature built into every Wheatstone on-air processor, can deliver Belar's precision time correction messages directly to our FM processor's HD diversity delay algorithm, regardless of where in the signal chain the processor is located. HD/analog time alignment can now be kept in perfect, sample-accurate sync – without having to run program audio through yet another device in the air chain.

Wheat Got Around this NAB

Beasley6In addition to all the goodness at the Wheatstone booth, we spread our goodness around to RCS, WideOrbit, OMT, MediaTouch, ENCO, Eventide, Tieline, BSW, 305 Broadcast and other partner booths this NAB. We also presented papers and findings at the NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference as well as the Public Radio Engineer Conference. Our Jeff Keith gave a timely paper on the “Curious Behavior of Consumer FM Receivers During Hyper-Modulation,” and Dave Breithaupt demystified network switches in his presentation “Stranger in a (Very) Strange Land: Ethernet Switches and Your IP Audio Network.”

And, of course, we got to experience some of the local scene this show. We met with friends at Beasley and toured their new Downtown Container Park studio located down the strip from the convention center on Fremont Street. The studio is actually housed inside two shipping containers adjacent to the park amphitheater, where some big-name artists like Sheryl Crow perform. It's all run by WheatNet-IP via fiber optic communication that seamlessly links it to the group’s main studio on Durango Drive some 15 miles away.

Fun times.

NAB Photo Gallery

NAB PaleysIt was quite a year for us at NAB 2015! We met a lot of new folks, said hello to some old friends and associates, and welcomed lots of visitors. Here's a gallery of some of the photos we took in our booth over the four days of the show. If you came to see us, you might recognize yourself here!

NAB 2015 Photo Gallery