WheatNet-IP PC-XY Software Configuration Guide

pdf Configuring the WheatNet-IP PC Driver with RCS Zetta Automation Popular

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WheatNet-IP and Zetta v1.0.3a.pdf

WheatNet-IP brings added convenience and simplicity to the configuration of a PC- based automation system such as RCS Zetta. Where once it was necessary to employ a specialized sound card, discrete analog or digital audio wiring, a logic interface, and control cabling, with WheatNet-IP’s PC Driver, we can accomplish all of this over a single Ethernet cable. The driver effectively acts as a WheatNet-IP BLADE, and lets the PC enjoy full access to all aspects of the WheatNet-IP intelligent network. The driver is available in versions that offer one, four, eight, twelve, and twenty-four stereo input and output channels. For situations where discrete outputs from Zetta players are desired, we recommend at least the four-channel version of the driver.

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