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PR&E StereoMixer™ Digital

StereoMixer™digital is a cost-effective, compact audio console, combining a small form factor with the digital performance you expect.

StereoMixer digital is perfect for applications such as small air studios, voice tracking studios, production rooms, nonlinear editing suites and newsrooms. The smaller size, however, does not mean less quality. StereoMixer digital has the same quality switches and components that you get in our larger-format consoles.

The rackmount version gives you the same power in a standalone footprint. It is ideal for news workstations or any place you need high-quality digital mixing in a compact form factor. The rackmount version is also equally at home in a TV facility, nonlinear editing suite or in “live” trucks, otherwise known as OB/remote vans.

Extend StereoMixer digital analog inputs with a 4X-A2D A to D converter.

Connect to a VistaMax™ digital audio network by simply adding any number of edge device controllers, and you have complete access to all the resources on the network.

  • Stand-alone mixers in two configurations
  • Compact — 16 x 17 inches — desktop unit with 100 mm faders
  • Rack mounted unit — 4RU — with rotary faders
  • Seven fader channels with on/off, cue or talk and two bus assign buttons
  • Start logic outputs on all stereo channels plus timer reset logic output
  • One mono analog input for the talent’s mic preamp/processor output
  • Three stereo analog inputs (up to three analog inputs can be set as mic inputs)
  • Three AES-3 (or S/PDIF) digital inputs
  • Front-panel TRS jack convenience input
  • Any one input can be set for telco/codec operation with dedicated mix-minus
  • Each bus output (PGM 1, PGM 2, Mix-Minus) has an analog and a digital output
  • Room monitoring controls include built-in monitor muting and on-air logic
  • Analog external monitor input, talk input and talk output
  • Stereo bargraph meter display
  • Built-in talent headphone amp, with TRS jack and level control fader
  • External, plug-in multi-voltage power supply included
  • Full connector kit with installation and use guide included
  • Digital, compact console
  • Extendable with 4X-A2D Converter
  • Compatible with VistaMax™ digital audio networks

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