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The FM-55e includes all the same features that earned the FM-55 its reputation as the choice in value FM processing, but adds enhanced iAGC controls as well as an entirely new bass processing design. These enhancements give broadcasters that extra competitive edge that users found in the FM-55...still considered best in its class, both from a sonic standpoint and from its list of features


The FM-55e is a multi-band audio processor ideal for FM stations requiring sound consistency across a variety of source material. It includes the popular intelligent five-band AGC technology — or iAGC — coupled to a five-band limiter and stereo generator, plus five-band stereo enhancement and program adaptive L-R control for multipath mitigation. 

Like the FM-55, the FM-55e fully supports the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network, and is equipped with two analog composite outputs, two SCA inputs, balanced analog Left/Right outputs and an AES digital output that can be switched to deliver either discrete Left/Right or baseband192 digital multiplex signal. 

The FM-55e comes in a 1RU package with front panel OLED display and GUI navigation. 

Existing FM-55 owners will be able to update their current unit with new FM-55e software free of charge when it is released later this year.



  • Multiband adaptive iAGC with new controls

  • Brand new bass processing design

  • Exclusive stereo multipath controller technology for enhanced stereo reception

  • Wheatstone® baseband192 built in for composite digital link to transmitter

  • See more at:  Wheatstone Audio Processing Technology Overview

  • Integrated diversity delay of 0-10 seconds, adjustable in 100 μS steps via GUI or ACI

  • FM peak control via oversampled distortion masked clipper

  • Four-band full parametric equalizer

  • Variable high pass filter and voice phase rotator

  • Ethernet-based remote control via 100BaseT Ethernet and rear panel RJ-45

  • Four GPI preset triggers

  • Front panel headphone jack

  • AES3 digital input accepts 32kHz - 96kHz

  • AES3 digital output automatically synchronizes to AES3 digital input

  • Precision FM stereo MPX generator with multiplex mask filters

  • Specially tuned factory presets

  • Guru GUI, for easy setup and navigation

  • WheatNet-IP compatible

  • Front panel setup and configuration menu eliminates the need for a PC during installation


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